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Our Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability Report 2014
New Knauf Insulation Sustainabilty Report 2014 -

To supply sustainable high performance insulation products for enhanced energy efficiency in buildings, we continually strive for improvements in both manufacturing operations and product design.

The result is a track record for products with leading quality and sustainability benefits. All Knauf Insulation production locations have state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment supported by an ongoing research and development program. Some of our recent achievements include:

  • Use of recycled glass in our glass wool insulation products is in excess of 80%;
  • Reclaimation and reuse vented heat at our factories;
  • Development of the most advanced compression packaging technology in the world to reduce the transport emissions of our distribution operations, and for our customers;
  • Development of revolutionary ECOSE® Technology to replace petroleum-based chemicals (e.g. phenol and formaldehyde) used in traditional insulation, leading to a 70% reduction in binder embodied energy.

ISO 50001

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