Acoustic Rolls

Earthwool® Acoustic Rolls

Earthwool Acoustic Rolls

Utilising the acoustic insulation properties of glass mineral wool

With the excellent acoustic insulation properties of glass mineral wool, a range of specialist sound reducing insulation products are available for use in new build separating walls, partitions, and floors, as well as for the upgrade of existing buildings to provide improved sound insulation and resistance.
Knauf Insulation acoustic insulation rolls have been especially developed to utilise the sound absorption properties of glass mineral wool.
While the thermal insulation properties of Knauf Insulation glass mineral wool are maintained, for these products, this is usually a secondary benefit, and their primary purpose is to improve the acoustic insulation performance of the solutions in which they are used.
Key reasons for the use of these products are:
  • reducing airbourne sound transmission (e.g. through partition walls)
  • reducing impact sound transmissions (e.g. through upper floors)
  • reducing sound reverberation in specialist environment (e.g. recording studios)

Acoustic Roll Products