Polyfoam ECO XPS

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Thermal insulation for inverted roofs requires superior product performance across the board, something that Polyfoam XPS has been delivering for many years.

The single layer thickness of up to 220mm also offers greater on-site efficiencies.

  • Certified BRE Green Guide Rating of A

  • Declared Thermal conductivity of 0.033W/mK on all thicknesses

  • Design Thermal conductivity (EN ISO 10456/ETAG 031 Annex B)  0.034W/.mK ≥ 100mm

  • Design Thermal conductivity (EN ISO 10456/ETAG 031 Annex B) 0.035W/mK ≤ 100mm

  • Closed cell technology for exceptional freeze-thaw in situ performance

  • Less than 1% water absorption

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Picture of Polyfoam range of boards in side profilePolyfoam ECO LogoPolyfoam ECO XPS is an extruded polystyrene insulation manufactured through a plastic extrusion process. The resulting board is a real Site SurvivorTM almost 100% closed cell, strong, highly moisture resistant and easy to cut and shape. This makes them ideal for applications in the construction industry as they are equipped for 'site survival' and can be cut to shapes that make them extremely fit for use. It also means that Polyfoam is ideal for a vast range of fabrication applications where the strength of the material as an infill in panels etc. is widely recognised and valued.
In short Polyfoam is two solutions in one......both a thermal AND structural insulation solution.

Key Features and Benefits of Polyfoam extruded polystyrene


Polyfoam is more than a simple lightweight insulant. The inherent mechanical strength of the range means that a building element or fabricated item using Polyfoam can withstand a wide range of loading situations. Whether subjected to standard domestic loads or heavy industrial loads, in floors, roofs or in panels, Polyfoam is the ideal solution.

Water Resistant

Many insulants will get wet in use or during installation. Polyfoam is almost 100% closed cell and as such is unaffected by moisture. Whether laying Polyfoam in a floor (where there is often some standing water) or in a protected membrane roof system (where the insulation is exposed to water) the user can be confident Polyfoam will perform as stated.


The closed cell structure and density of Polyfoam allow specific edge details and surface finishes to be cut into the boards to make them as fit for the job as possible. Moreover, Polyfoam can be cut into almost any shape using hot wires, saws or CNCtechnology to make it a highly versatile insulating and strengthening infill for any construction. Whether using it in building or as a specialist fabrication infill Polyfoam is a highly versatile solution.


Despite the strength of Polyfoam it is very light and an easy to handle solution. Whether this is as a simply installed building product or as a low load (yet high strength) fabrication solution Polyfoam is a user friendly choice.

Ozone Friendly

As well as being an insulation solution and thus an environmentally sound choice, all Polyfoam products are 100% ozone friendly.


Polyfoam is a polystyrene foam insulant and as such is 100% recyclable. As the material does not degrade it can be either recycled or re-used when the application requiring Polyfoam no longer requires the product. Whether for long term application in buildings or recyclable materials, Polyfoam is a sound environmental choice.