ThermoShell - Solid Wall Insulation

Tackling the problem of solid wall insulation, ThermoShell External Wall Insulation offers solutions for upgrading the thermal performance of existing solid walls.

Many older properties have external walls that are either unsuitable for cavity wall insulation (often because the cavity is too small) or have no cavity to insulate (solid walls). The so called "hard to treat" walls still require insulating to reduce heat loss, and the ThermoShell system provides the solution.

ThermoShell EWI LogoSolid Wall Insulation - ThermoShell External Wall Insulation

ThermoShell External wall insulation provides a high level of thermal performance to the external shell of the property. Available with rock mineral wool or expanded polystyrene insulants, ThermoShell EWI allows you to upgrade the thermal performance of the property with little disruption to the interior.

EWI SolutionBenefits

  • Externally insulated, so no disruption to occupants
  • Meets current as well as anticipated future thermal regulations
  • Breatheable rock systems allow for the removal of water vapour
  • Durable and designed for the lifetime of the building
  • Prolongs building life
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Low maintenance
  • Extensive range of finishes and colours


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