ThermoShell - EPS BOARD

For use as the insulant in external wall insulation systems

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TS-EPS Board has a thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/mK.


Flame retardant boards with a Euroclass fire classification of E

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EPS Board is used as part of the ThermoShell External Wall Insulation (EWI) System for solid or hard to treat walls. 


A graphite impregnated expanded polystyrene bead board, designed to provide enhanced thermal performance. Lightweight, easy to handle and store, cut on site or form building features, ThermoShell (TS) EPS Board is a cost effective and durable insulation product.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to cut
  • Easy to form
  • Cost effective 


TS-EPS Board is for use with external render systems. The boards can be either adhered and mechanically fixed or just mechanically fixed to the substrate then overlaid with a mesh and render system to the ThermoShell specification.

If TS-EPS Board is to be used over 3 storeys in height then there will be a requirement to incorporate rock mineral wool fire barriers.

During hot weather, if the elevation is not going to be rendered for some time, then protect from sunlight to avoid the possibility of thermal expansion.

TS-EPS Board should not be use if within 1 metre of another building.


TS-EPS Board is free from CFCs, HCFCs and any other material with ozone depletion potential in its manufacture and content and represents no known threat to the environment.

TS-EPS Board has a Global Warming Potential of less than 5.



The physical properties of TS-EPS Board are tested to the requirements of BS EN 13163:2008


TS-EPS Board is non-hygroscopic, moisture resistant, rot proof, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria.

Fire performance

TS-EPS Board is classified as Euroclass E to BS EN ISO 13501-1.

Handling and storage

TS-EPS Board is easy to handle and install, being lightweight and easily cut to size. TS-EPS Board is supplied in polythene packs and should be stored off the ground. Avoid prolonged storage in direct sunlight.

Product Data

Thickness (mm)Thermal conductivity (W/mK)Thermal resistance (m2K/W)Board size (mm)
200 0.032 6.25 1000x500
190 0.032 5.90 1000x500 
180 0.032 5.60 1000x500 
170 0.032 5.30 1000x500 
160 0.032 5.00 1000x500 
150 0.032 4.65 1000x500 
140 0.032 4.35 1000x500 
130 0.032 4.05 1000x500 
120 0.032 3.75 1000x500 
110 0.032 3.40 1000x500 
100 0.032 3.10 1000x500 
90 0.032 2.80 1000x500 
80 0.032 2.50 1000x500 
70 0.032 2.15 1000x500 
60 0.038 1.85 1000x500 
50 0.038 1.55 1000x500 

All dimensions are nominal

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