Large Cavities

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Every building must be designed and constructed in such a way that in the event of an outbreak of fire within the building, the unseen spread of fire and smoke within concealed cavities in its structure and fabric is inhibited.

Our Rock Mineral Wool fire barriers are used to sub divide cavities and so prevent smoke and flame from by-passing fire-resisting walls and partitions, and are required to be placed above fire resisting partitions.



Why Mineral Wool?

  • Our Rock Mineral Wool solutions are non-combustible with a melting point in excess of 1000°C, providing up to 1 hour fire protection.

  • Rock Mineral Wool wired mattresses prevent smoke and flames from by-passing fire-resisting walls and partitions.

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A single layer of 50mm Fire-teK WM910, applied as a  hanging curtain, supported continuously from above and both sides.

At the base Fire-teK WM910 is either lapped freely on to the back of a suspended ceiling or fixed to a partition head. Suitable for drops up to 7 metres.


Two layers of 50mm Fire-teK WM910, separated by a 50mm air space, applied as a hanging curtain with wire mesh to the outside, supported continuously from above and both sides. At the base it is either lapped freely on to the back of a suspended ceiling, or fixed to a partition head.

Use foil faced Fire-teK WM910 when the ceiling void is used as an air plenum.

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