Internal Floors
Internal Floor Insulation



Acoustic performance is the principle requirement, with both sound insulation and sound absorption being important considerations.

The sound absorption characteristics of our mineral wool insulation solutions make them ideal for use in internal floor build-ups.

We have a wide range of solutions which comply with sound related building regulations.


Why Mineral Wool?

  • Absorbent mineral wool significantly improves sound insulation, reducing the amount of sound energy transferred from one side of the floor to the other.

  • Our acoustic solutions are manufactured with a density in excess of 10kg/m3, providing compliance with sound related building regulations.

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Robust Details

 Robust Detail Handbook referenceEarthwool Acoustic RollEarthwool Acoustic Floor Slab
Timber FloorsE-FT-1 
Timber FloorsE-FT-2 
Timber FloorsE-FT-3 
Concrete FloorsE-FC-1 
Concrete FloorsE-FC-2 
Steel concrete composite floorsE-FS-1 


For any U-value calculations for alternative construction build-ups, please contact our Technical Support Team on 01744 766666.
For written U-value calculations, please complete our contact form by clicking here, including details of your full through construction build-up and we will respond accordingly to meet your requirements.
We are a fully accredited member of the industry leading British Board of Agrément (BBA) U-value and Condensation Calculation Competency Scheme which promotes and assists accurate, objective and consistent calculations of U-values and condensation calculations within the UK construction industry. As part of our ongoing participation in the scheme, we are required to maintain written records for audit trail purposes.