Built up metal roofs
Knauf Insulation Built Up Metal Roof insulation Glass Mineral Wool


Built-up metal roof systems typically consist of a low profile metal inner liner sheet, separated from an outer, higher profile metal weather sheet and are typically assembled on site.

The cavity between them is filled with a layer of insulation to provide the specified level of thermal performance. As well as thermal performance acoustic performance is also important.

Our Mineral Wool insulation solutions for built-up metal roofs provide excellent levels of sound absorption, reducing the drumming effect of rainwater and improving the overall acoustic performance of the roof.



  • Mineral Wool provides the best combination of thermal, fire safety and acoustic performance.
  • Mineral Wool is easier to install correctly than other insulants such as rigid boards because it adapts to any slight imperfections in the substrate and knits together, eliminating any air gaps. Evidence shows the absence of air gaps is crucial to achieving real performance in the relevant application.

Download our Solutions Guide U-value Tables

MCRMA Insulation Installation Guide

These U-values are taken from default values in the BRE U-value calculator using twin-skin metal panel-rail and bracket system as examples only.

To ensure an accurate U-value calculation, the roof or wall manufacturer should be contacted for the U-value specific to the system and associated components being used.