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It is possible to achieve very high levels of insulation in pitched roofs where the insulation is positioned at ceiling level because the insulation thickness is largely unrestricted by construction considerations.

A major factor influencing the design of pitched roofs with insulation at ceiling level, is the type of roof tile underlay chosen.

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Pitched Roof Rafter Level

Insulation between the rafters can be designed in two ways:
• ‘Breathing’ roof with Low Resistance (LR) underlay - With this option, insulation fully fills the rafter space without an airspace between the insulation and type LR underlay.

• Ventilated design with High Resistance (HR) underlay - Insulation over the rafters provides a completely insulated external envelope to the roof construction, and allows the maximum usable space within the roof enclosure.

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Flat Roof

There are two basic categories of roof design:

A warm roof has the insulation above the structural deck, which is thus kept warm. The waterproof layer is above the insulation and a vapour control layer is placed below the insulation.

A cold roof has the insulation placed below the structural deck, which thus remains cold. This construction relies on a vapour control layer working effectively, and in tandem with a continuous ventilated airspace to disperse the water vapour to atmosphere before it reaches the cold deck and condenses.

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Built Up Metal Roof

Profiled metal roofing systems typically consist of a low profile metal inner liner sheet, separated from an outer, higher profile, metal weather sheet. The cavity between them is filled with a layer of thermal insulation to provide the specified level of thermal performance.

The insulation is normally a lightweight, high performance, non-combustible glass mineral wool quilt, with a Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire Classification. Built-up metal roofing systems are typically assembled on site with the design and components used forming part of a proprietary system.

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