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Fire-teK Insulation

Passive structural fire protection is one of the most important factors in HVAC. Highly efficient insulation together with appropriate fire containment is necessary in order to prevent the spread of flames and smoke to other areas of the building.

Properly insulating ventilation ducts is key to containing fires in partitioning areas.  These ducts often pass through building compartments which is breached, can allow rapid spread of fire inside the building. Efficient ventilation insulation reduces the need for mechanical methods of fire protection such as sprinklers.

Fire-teK Insulation

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Power-teK Insulation

Cost-efficient systems for insulating industrial plant and power stations: Our excellent Mineral Wool insulating materials ensure lower heat losses, energy costs and CO2 emissions and are ideal for use in preventative fire protection and sound insulation.

Our Power-teK Insulation covers: vessels, tanks, pipe lines, chimneys, shafts, boilers, furnaces, heat storage tanks and also offers sound protection. 

Power-teK Insulation

Sea-teK Insulation

Seaworthy, IMO-certified products for insulating machinery as well as heating and air conditioning systems. Our tried and tested Rock Mineral Wool insulating materials offer reliable insulation and are ideal for use in preventative fire protection and sound insulation at sea.

Our Sea-teK products cover a range of insulation applications suitable for thermal insulation on board ships, machinery, piping and fire protection.

Sea-teK Insulation

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Thermo-teK Insulation

Sustainable solutions for insulating heating systems, piping and air conditioning ducts: Our efficient Mineral Wool insulation ensures lower heat losses and energy costs, and are ideal for use in preventative fire protection and sound insulation.

Thermo-teK can be used in a number of applications including pipe lines, circular or rectangular air ducts, encasings and for sound insulation.

Thermo-teK Insulation

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