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Power-teK Insulation


Cost-efficient systems for insulating industrial plant and power stations: Our excellent Mineral Wool insulating materials ensure lower heat losses, energy costs and CO2 emissions and are ideal for use in preventative fire protection and sound insulation.

Vessels and tanks

Tank systems of various sizes are used in many industrial processes. High performing insulation is therefore especially important to ensure constant temperatures of the stored materials, as well as for the necessary contact protection. 

Pipe Lines

Pipelines enable the flow of energy and media between the various industrial plant components. Here, technically good insulation is especially important in order to reduce heat losses, noise pollution and the risk of corrosion, as well as ensuring a constant process temperature and an effective level of fire protection.

Chimneys and shafts

In many industrial plants, chimneys and shafts ensure the correct removal of smoke and waste gases. Here, insulation is especially important in order to reduce heat losses, noise pollution and the risk of corrosion, extending service life and ensuring the necessary contact protection.

Boilers, furnaces, and heat storage tanks

Industrial boilers have to withstand especially high temperatures and pressures, with vibrations and fluctuating temperatures. They have the greatest impact on the efficiency of the entire power station. Two to three-layer insulation is therefore especially important. This reduces heat losses and therefore the energy consumption of the plant, generates less waste heat and provides the necessary contact protection.

Sound Protection

Loud noises are generated by the operation of industrial pumps, machinery and installations. Good sound insulation is especially important to ensure the absorption of sound waves in order to protect health and the environment


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