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Seaworthy, IMO-certified products for insulating machinery as well as heating and air conditioning systems. Our tried and tested Rock Mineral Wool insulating materials offer reliable insulation and are ideal for use in preventative fire protection and sound insulation at sea.

Thermal Insulation

Sound and noise from adjacent communal areas or cabins can be extremely annoying. Efficient sound insulation is therefore extremely important in order to ensure a pleasant atmosphere. External and double-sided lamination of the Rock Mineral Wool with glass fleece or glass fabric increases sound absorption, as does its open-pore structure.

Machinery and Piping

On a ship, machinery, piping and ducts must be able to withstand especially high temperatures and stresses such as high humidity. Insulation is important here, not only to provide protection against overheating, but also to reduce heat losses and therefore energy consumption. In addition, it ensures an improved working atmosphere and the necessary protection against contact and corrosion.

Fire Protection on board

Preventative fire protection is one of the most important factors in shipbuilding. High performing insulation together with appropriate fire containment is necessary in order to prevent the spread of flames and smoke to other areas in case of fire. Our specially developed Mineral Wool insulation materials have been tested especially for decks and bulkheads by the IMO and are certified according to the fire resistance classes A30 and A60. With their light weight, the products can be used with fire-resistant steel substructures.


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