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Sustainable solutions for insulating heating systems, piping and air conditioning ducts: Our efficient Mineral Wool insulation ensures lower heat losses and energy costs, and are ideal for use in preventative fire protection and sound insulation

Pipe Lines

Heating and hot water pipes enable an even distribution of the water which is heated by the water heater throughout the entire building. Strongly performing insulation is especially important here in order to keep heat losses as low as possible and ensure efficient operation. As well as this, drinking-water pipes must stay cool to ensure the best possible health protection against bacteria.

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Circular/Rectangular air ducts

Ventilation pipes are used to circulate cold and warm air at temperatures which may exceed 85°C. Our mineral wool insulation ensures a pleasant atmosphere for building occupants through optimal thermal conductivity.


Heating boilers and heat reservoirs generate and store high temperatures. Technically good insulation prevents the boiler room from overheating, and reduces energy losses and therefore energy consumption.

Sound insulation

Transported air and loud noises from adjacent rooms can be perceived as disturbances. Good sound insulation is important to ensure a pleasant living and working environment. External and double-sided lamination of the insulation material with glass fleece or glass fibre fabric increases sound absorption ensuring comfortable atmosphere for residents.


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