Built-up metal walls

Built-up metal walls can be installed on all types of residential and non-residential buildings, although they are most commonly installed on non-residenial buildings such as offices, shops and warehouses. It is possible to achieve very high standards of thermal insulation using built-up metal walls, but due to the complex nature of heat flow through these systems (due to the way they are assembled) it is not possible to calculate U-values using the normal simplified methods.

Our highly experienced Technical Support Team can calculate the specification of insulation needed to achieve specific U-values (including the effect of thermal bridging for simple rail and bracket systems).

Earthwool FactoryClad Roll is specially designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation in profiled metal clad roofing systems. With a Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire classification, its use can potentially reduce insurance premiums when compared to foam composite panels. The product is manufactured 1200mm wide in long lengths and also has exceptionally high tear strength, making it particularly suitable for use in the walls of profiled metal clad buildings.

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