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Acoustic insulation is installed between two leaves of plasterboard. Variables within the system can include the type of plasterboard used, the types of studwork used and the orientation of studwork, all of which can be varied to provide differing levels of performance.

In addition to high levels of mass which is provided by the plasterboard layers, absorbent insulation is used to improve the sound reduction properties of internal walls. In certain buildings there may also be specific fire resistance requirements for walls between specific room types.

Our non-combustible solutions for internal walls provide the high levels of absorption required to contribute to excellent levels of sound reduction, and can also help towards high levels of fire resistance where required.





  • Mineral Wool provides the best combination of thermal, fire safety and acoustic performance.

  • Mineral Wool insulation is the most effective insulant at reducing sound transmission and reverberations. The fibre matrix encourages the absorption of sound waves, converting them into heat energy, where other insulation types simply let the sound pass through.

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