Party separating walls

Party wall thermal bypass occurs where cold air enters the uninsulated party wall cavity at exposed edges. The cavity creates a chimney effect and the cold air rises as it is heated by heat conducted through the party wall from the adjoining homes. The heated air then escapes from the cavity to the external environment – either into the loft space or through the roof.

Full-fill mineral wool insulation is a reliable way of eliminating party wall bypass, and can be used as an effective way of improving energy performance of both new and existing buildings.

We offer both injected (Supafil) or built-in slab (Earthwool Party Wall Slabs) systems to ensure the most suitable solution for each project.

Supafil Party Wall has been specifically developed for installation in both new and existing homes. To ensure that the correct product is used in party separating walls, and to ensure the desired thermal and acoustic performance is provided, Supafil Party Wall is manufactured with a blue colour for easy on-site identification and to promote compliance with Robust Details.

Earthwool Party Wall Slabs are flexible Glass Mineral Wool slabs which are lightweight, resilient and non-combustible, and are designed as full fill thermal and acoustic solutions for use in party walls between adjoining apartments, semi detached and terraced houses.

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