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Knauf Insulation Rainscreen Facade Systems Rock Mineral Wool


Rainscreen façade systems are lightweight when compared to brick and masonry solutions and can provide the designer with a wide range of aesthetic options.

In addition to thermal performance, fire performance of insulation materials is a crucial consideration, particularly when designing buildings over 18m in height or when the building is to have high occupancy levels or be used by vulnerable occupants.



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Why Mineral Wool?

  • Non-combustible, being suitable for use on all buildings including those above 18m in height providing compliance with fire related building regulations.

  • Contributes to building regulation compliance without reliance on separate testing or desktop studies.

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Typical U-values
Using Earthwool RainScreen Slab

 Light Steel frame inner leaf with Earthwool Omnifit Slab between studworkLight Steel frame inner leaf with Earthwool Omnifit Slab between studworkDense block inner leaf
Rainscreen Slab (mm)100mm150mm140mm



NOTE: The above are based on; aluminium helping hand brackets with base dimensions 75 x 62mm sat on a 5mm PVC thermal break pad, bracket is 5mm thick, aluminium bracket length to give 50mm residual cavity. Brackets set at 600 x600mm centres fixed to structure. Dense block as λ=1.13, steelwork as 2mm with 50mm flange at 600 x 600mm centres infilled with Earthwool OmniFit Slab. Internal lining is standard 2 x 12.5mm wall board, cement particle sheathing board. Cavity is fully ventilated.

The above values are for guidance only, please contact our Technical Service Team direct for specific values – all of our calculations for Rainscreen Facade Systems are carried out to BS EN 10211 using compliant software.

We provide FREE 3D U-value calculations for rainscreen façade systems Contact our Technical Support Team for details on 01744 766 666 or technical.uk@knaufinsulation.com

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For any U-value calculations for alternative construction build-ups, please contact our Technical Support Team on 01744 766666.
For written U-value calculations, please complete our contact form by clicking here, including details of your full through construction build-up and we will respond accordingly to meet your requirements.
We are a fully accredited member of the industry leading British Board of Agrément (BBA) U-value and Condensation Calculation Competency Scheme which promotes and assists accurate, objective and consistent calculations of U-values and condensation calculations within the UK construction industry. As part of our ongoing participation in the scheme, we are required to maintain written records for audit trail purposes.