Process Engineer, GMW Europe & CIS

Knauf Insulation is seeking a Process Engineer reporting to the Industrial Performance Director GMW Europe and CIS.

The purpose of the role is to facilitate and / or provide support to Glass Mineral Wool plants which are experiencing challenges with aspects of their plant operation. An additional purpose is to assist the Industrial Performance Team in communicating & spreading best practice across the GMW plants in Europe & CIS. 

Main Accountabilities:

  • Plant Process Support: To assist any GMW plant that has identified a shortcoming or scope for improvement in any part of their process. Deliverables will usually include agreement on a clear statement of the problem or improvement opportunity, agreement on what success looks like and how to measure it, a structured and data based problem solving process and interim and / or final report(s) detailing the outcome. Wherever practical the annualised financial benefit of the improvement will be estimated.


  • IP Team Member Assistance: The IP team is relatively small in number and covers a broad scope. As a result team members should have a broad process knowledge base and flexible approach in order to be able to assist other IP members in identifying areas for improvement or best practice implementation at individual or multiple sites.


  • Energy Consumption Best Practice & Reporting: Assume the role of Energy expert within GMW Central Technical. Complete GMW monthly Energy reporting.


  • Quantifiable data: Record any measurable statistic on which your role impacts such as: expense, sales turnover, staff managed, payroll cost, capital expenditures, research budget, cost of purchases, value of inventories controlled, total revenues and expenses audited, etc.


  • Your internal and external customers/suppliers and the service you give or receive from them and the scope for continuous improvement and improved service levels:

IP Director

Support the IP Director in establishing the areas of Plant Support which will generate the best return for the business. Advise and/or seek advice on               the resource needs for specific projects.

Other IP Team Members

Provide or seek support to/from other team members in achieving the team goals in the most effective manner.

Plant Managers/All personnel on other Plants

Help Plant Managers to identify areas for improvement at their sites based on data and/or direct observation, or to respond to their requests for assistance in priority areas. To work alongside plant personnel when required to achieve a successful and sustainable improvement outcome. This may include assisting with written standards and training plant personnel.

Process Support & Development & New Product Development

The primary purpose of IP is to help plants get the best returns for the processes they operate. This may involve a process or product improvement / change driven by PSD or NPD, in which the IP team can provide assistance. PSD process specialists may also be required to assist in support activities requiring a deeper understanding of the process than that which exists in IP.  PSD & NPD are therefore customers and suppliers.

Central HSE

Provide technology specific energy information as required to the KI Energy Manager based in the Central HSE team who focuses on regulatory energy issues.

Role Challenges:

  • Given the geographical location of the GMW plants and the nature of the role, the Plant Support Engineer will be required to travel extensively. The amount of time spent away from home office should not exceed 50% on average based on past experience.
  • Obtaining the engagement of Plant personnel on other sites, with whom there may not be a prior working relationship, and / or where the intervention is centrally driven rather than a plant request is another challenge. To this end a degree of humility and tact will be required.
  • Maintaining focus and delivering on plant expectations with constantly changing priorities within the Central Technical GMW team.


Experience, Qualifications and Skills:

  • Educated to degree level in a technical or engineering subject.
  • At least 3 years of GMW Plant experience and a track record of delivering improvements.
  • Bilingual - English/French speaking 
  • First rate problem solving skills
  • Ability to extract and analyse data from OSI Pi
  • Six sigma qualification preferable
  • A working knowledge of energy consumption within the GMW process and associated cost.
  • A team player with a leadership and communication style which is motivating and engaging to individuals and teams.   


Should you wish to apply for this role please send your CV to 


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