CPD: Regulation changes shaping construction

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Encouraging a more holistic approach to specification

This CPD will take you through the recent changes in the regulatory landscape of construction. These changes are happening across several related approved documents within the building regulations, covering the conservation of fuel and power, ventilation, overheating and fire. They are applicable across both dwellings and non-domestic buildings. 

Combined, these changes will encourage a more holistic approach to design, construction, and selection of materials to meet the challenge of creating a low-carbon, sustainable and healthy built environment now and in the future.  

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Topics covered:

  • Overview of current and future changes to regulations 
  • Key updates to regulations, includes Part L for England, Part F – Ventilation, Part B - Fire 

  • New and proposed regulations, including Part O – Overheating and Future Homes Standard 

  • Emerging common themes and what they indicate 

  • What the changes mean for product selection