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Homeowners Hub

Welcome to our homeowners hub, a section of our website put together to house all of the important information relating to insulation that you as a homeowner may need.

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About our Products

Energy Efficiency

A well insulated home will help you use and lose less energy, reducing your environmental impact and saving you money.

Noise Reduction

The right insulation in your roof, walls and floors will reduce the noise transmitted from room to room, house to house, or just from the outside.

Fire Safety

If you choose non-combustible insulation, it does not contribute to the development or spread of a fire, and therefore can give you more time to escape.

Indoor Comfort

A well-insulated home reduces heat losses and prevents heat gains, which in turn helps maintain stable, comfortable temperatures.

Frequently asked questions

Still looking for more information on your home's insulation? Our useful FAQ section covers a variety of topics to clear up any questions you may have. 

View our FAQs or Download our "Homeowners Guide to Insulation" here

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