Why Thermal insulation In Our homes Is Important

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Feel Truly Comfortable in Your Home

We all like our homes to be warm, comfortable, and cosy. Poor insulation can often result in fluctuations in temperatures, cold spots and condensation. A high performance insulation can help keep your home dry and comfortable.

How to maintain a comfortable environment

When installed properly, our Mineral Wool insulation solutions help maintain stable inside temperatures by slowing heat transfer, keeping your home warm when it's cold outside, and cool when it's warm.

All of our products contribute to improved indoor air quality, which helps make your home more comfortable.

A Gold Certificate For Indoor Air Quality

Our Glass and Rock Mineral Wool products with ECOSE® Technology were the first to be awarded Gold standard for Indoor Air Comfort by Eurofins.

This certification recognises that our products have met the highest possible standard for the relevant product group, as well as showing our contribution to a healthy indoor environment to make your home and lifestyle more comfortable.

declare recognition

Our entire Glass Mineral Wool product range has been awarded the DECLARE 'Red List Free' label.

DECLARE aims to show you that our Glass Mineral Wool range of products is insulation that you can trust. This is demonstrated in a similar way to that of food nutrition labels. The DECLARE label shows clear and transparent details such as:

  • Where a product comes from,
  • What it's made of,
  • Whether it contains chemicals featured on the DECLARE ‘Red List’. These are substances to avoid because they could be harmful to health and the environment.

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Health and Wellbeing

By preventing air leaks, uncontrolled condensation and possible mould spores, mildew or microbial organic compounds, a well-insulated, airtight building can help maintain a healthy environment.

See how our insulation contributed to an eco-friendly home in rural Yorkshire.

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