Safer Fire Resistant Insulation For Your Home

Stay safer with Knauf Insulation
Safety from Fire with Knauf Insulation

The tragedy of Grenfell has highlighted the importance of fire safety.

Sadly, the number of fire-related incidents has increased year on year since 2012, and the average fire brigade response times are growing larger.

As a result, fire protection in your home is more important than ever. Choosing the right insulation is a vital measure in making sure that your home is as safe as possible.

SO how safe is your insulation?

Insulation materials have varying levels of combustibility. Highly combustible insulation can contribute to fire development and spread, particularly in the early stages of a fire when evacuation is crucial.

Non-combustible insulation doesn't burn, therefore it won't contribute to the spread of fire. It can also help prevent the fire from moving from one area to another.

choose Non-combustible insulation

All of our glass mineral wool, wood wool boards and rock mineral wool slabs are non-combustible and achieve the best possible Euroclass A1 or A2,s1-d0 reaction to fire classification.

*Please check specific products for specific fire classifications.

A guide to fire rated insulation

All insulation materials are tested and given a Euroclass reaction to fire classification which demonstrates how a material will contribute in the development stages of a fire. 

The test covers factors such as combustibility, flame spread and smoke release.

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Leading the way in innovation

For years we have supported organisations, such as Firesafe Europe and a wide range of construction experts and industry partners, as well as many national campaigns to fight for better building fire safety regulation.

We invest heavily in research and development, both in testing facilities and ground-breaking 'real world' projects, to understand how our solutions will perform. 

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