Insulate Your Home From The Effects Of Noise Pollution

Noise reducing insulation
Too Much Noise? It's bad for your health

Outside noise entering the home can have a serious impact on health and well-being. Whether you’ve got noisy neighbours or live near a busy road or airport, noise pollution can increase stress and negatively affect your overall quality of life.

Insulation plays a vital role in absorbing unwanted noise. With the right insulation you can lessen the impact of noise pollution and enjoy a more peaceful home life. 

The Facts: The World is Getting Noisier

How Insulation Can Help

Choosing the right insulation is the easiest way to improve the acoustic performance of a building.

If you are undertaking a refurbishment project, such as a loft or garage conversion or an extension, ask your builder about the type of insulation they intend to use.

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What type of insulation to ask for

Our Glass and Rock Mineral Wool solutions provide excellent levels of sound absorption compared to other materials. These are our most popular products used for acoustic insulation.