Signs Of Poor House Insulation & Heat Loss

Energy Efficient Insulation
Putting energy into your home, only to lose it? it's bad for you and the environment

Did you know that the UK's housing stock is one of the least efficient in Europe? Your home could be one of the 7 million in the UK with inadequate loft insulation, losing up to 50% of its energy.

A well insulated home will help you use and lose less energy, reducing your environmental impact and saving you money.

Stop Losing Money

Insulating you home is one of the most effective ways to save money on your energy bills. In fact, Energy Saving Trust estimates the correct insulation saves detached homes approximately £250 per year.

Customers who insulated their homes with our Supafil® Blowing Wool 30 years ago will have saved £4,500 on their energy bills and reduced their carbon emissions over 20 tonnes. That's the equivalent of 44,000 miles driving by an average passenger vehicle!

In the UK we already spend far too much on energy. Energy market regulator Ofgem reported that as of April 2019, the average dual fuel variable tariff was £104.50 per month, or £1,254 a year, yet the cheapest deal available was much lower at £73 per month or around £880 per year.

This shows that many people are paying too much for their energy bills. Just as we should check that we’re on the best tariff, we can lower our bills with the right insulation.

Reducing your impact on the environment

42% of the UK's carbon emissions are attributed to the built environment - that includes our homes. As a nation we need to meet our climate goals and reduce our negative impact on the environment. 

One way of doing this is to make sure our homes are more energy-efficient. By installing high performance insulation properly, you'll lose and use less energy, helping reduce your carbon footprint.

We want to create a better world for everyone. From the people who make our products to the people who use them

Our innovative insulation solutions set new standards of quality, performance, and sustainability.

Our partnership with veolia saves waste going to landfill

Our Glass Mineral Wool insulation is made from glass waste and our partnership with Veolia enables us to use up to 80% of recycled content in our insulation. Much of the recycled glass from households is used in the process - giving a new lease of life to thousands of tonnes of glass bottles and jars every day.

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ECOSE® Technology - better for you, better for the environment 

ECOSE® Technology is our revolutionary, natural binder that helps our mineral wool insulation strands knit together in our products.

Whilst ECOSE® is of benefit to the installer of our insulation, it also helps to prevent you from feeling itchy and dusty when being in contact with our products. This means that whether you’re getting your Christmas decorations down from the attic or manually installing our insulation yourself, it will always be soft to touch and easy to handle.

When coupled with the fact that all of our insulation has been rated Gold by Eurofins for indoor air quality, Knauf Insulation really does make your home much more comfortable whilst also being better for the environment than other binders.

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Compression-packaging technology

Our industry-leading compression-packaging technology allows us to have more product in each pack, which means more product is loaded onto each truck that leaves our factories.

This leads to fewer vehicles on our roads, so less emissions of greenhouse gases and less deliveries to construction sites. It also means that our product takes up less space and requires less handling for our distributors and installers.

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