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KinetiK® is the app-based site reporting system, used by Approved Supafil® Installers, on projects throughout the UK. It has been crowned 'Best Site Product' followed by 'Product of the Year' at the 2022 Housebuilder Product Awards and Housebuilder Awards, respectively. 

The app creates an instant digital record of installations and provides Supafil® customers with data showing that their specified products have been installed on site. This happens quickly and easily, and at no extra cost.  

No fuss – just click, scan and KinetiK® does the rest.  

How it works 

Approved Supafil® Installers simply open the KinetiK® app on their smartphones and… 

  1. Select the site and plot number from a drop-down list, then takes a photo of each elevation, to show the plot is ready for installation. 
  2. Select the relevant product specification and scans a unique QR code on each pack of Supafil®
  3. Install the product as specified. 

Knauf Insulation can then provide the housebuilder with feedback, confirming that the specified product has been installed. 

Confidence for housebuilders 

A quality installation is key to ensuring your insulation performs as designed. Specifying Supafil® already means specifying quality; a high-performance product installed by a trained and certified professional. KinetiK® gives you additional confidence that the specified product has been installed. 

  • An instant digital record of the products installed on each plot. 

  • Collaboration between Approved Supafil® Installers and Knauf Insulation is further strengthened, enabling more targeted support and higher standards of delivery. 

  • First access to new KinetiK® services, as they become available.  

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Advantages for installers 

As an Approved Supafil® Installer using KinetiK®, you can give your customers detailed evidence of a quality installation – something your competitors can’t do. 

  • KinetiK® streamlines record-keeping, making plot handovers, rebates and guarantees more efficient. 

  • You stand out from the crowd, by offering your customers reliable data. 

  • You get first access to future KinetiK® services, designed to strengthen your customer relationships. 

“Our customers know they’re getting what they pay for. Very few other installers can say that.” - Craig Leggett, Managing Director, Novora Building Services 

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