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KinetiK® is our new app-based site reporting system that creates a reliable record of a job well done. The KinetiK® app makes it easier than ever to prove the additional value you deliver for your customers as a Supafil® Approved Installer.

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A powerful point of difference

KinetiK® creates an instant record of essential Supafil® installation data for every single plot. For the first time, you can now give your customers comprehensive and detailed evidence of a quality installation – something your competitors can’t do.

When your customers choose Supafil®, they’re investing in a promise of quality. KinetiK® means you can prove that promise has been delivered.

See how Supafil® Approved Installer Novora Building Services has been using KinetiK® to stand out from the crowd.

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Quality, reliable data is the next big challenge for the construction industry.

Today, installation evidence is a valuable point of difference. Tomorrow it will be essential. By adopting KinetiK®, you can get ahead of the trend, because it will become our platform for a whole new range of data-enabled resources for you and your customers.

Whether that’s innovative quality assurance services for housebuilders, or new tools that help you save time, improve standards and stand out from the competition.

It all starts with KinetiK®.




How it works

Use KinetiK® today

Get in contact with us today to book a demonstration of the KinetiK® app. We just need a few details from you, and we will be in touch to organise your demonstration.

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Stay up to date with KinetiK®

For now, the KinetiK® app is exclusively available to Supafil® Approved Installers. We’re actively working on expanding KinetiK® to cover our whole range of high-performance insulation solutions. Because as construction changes, we believe every insulation contractor should be able to provide proof of a quality installation to their customers.

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