Knauf Insulation Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap – what is it?

The gender pay gap measures the difference between men and women’s average earnings and is expressed as a percentage of men’s pay. According to the Office of National Statistics, the overall UK gender pay gap is currently 17.9%.

The UK government has introduced a requirement on all employers to publish their gender pay gap by April 2018. The new government reporting rules require us to identify differences in pay between male and female colleagues across the entire workforce regardless of job role. The calculations below align to these requirements; the data is gathered from the snapshot date of 5 April 2018, and is a reflection of the data processed in that month only.


Knauf Insulation gender pay gap results visually represented in infographic

Knauf Insulation Ltd (UK) pay gap results

Knauf Insulation Ltd (UK) pay gap results:

• Mean gender pay gap %: 21.36
• Median gender pay gap %: 25.11

There are different factors influencing our gender pay gap:

• 90% of our workforce is male, which is typical of heavy manufacturing, as well as more male than female employees are working in more senior roles, which are higher paid;
• 57% of our workforce are shift workers; out of which less than 1% are female. Shift workers receive a shift allowance, and due to the higher percentage of male shift workers generally, more male than female employees earn a shift allowance. If this premium was removed from the data our gender pay gap would reduce to 16.23%.

The chart below ranks all our colleagues pay from lowest to highest and then divides it into four equal groups with the first group (Quartile 1) being the lowest paid. This analysis shows that there are proportionally more male than female colleagues in the highest paid quartile.


Lowest to highest pay gaps per quartile visually represented as infographic

With regards to bonus, the gap is close to zero. This is due to office and plant employees being eligible for different bonus schemes with most male employees receiving a monthly calculated bonus.

Knauf Insulation Ltd (UK) bonus gap results

• Mean gender bonus gap %: -19.40
• Median gender bonus gap %: -23.90