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Leadership in Real Performance


Mineral Wool insulation is a poor conductor of heat, meaning that warm or cold air won’t transfer through the material resulting in a consistent temperature inside the building. It does this by having a spider’s web type structure inside of the material with millions of small air pockets that catch any heat or noise transfer from external sources, making it one of the most efficient ways of insulating any property.

It is also easier to install as the fibrous structure of the material fills the space; meaning that any imperfections in installation are negated and therefore gives a better real performance.



Conduction is the transmission of heat through a material, or from one material to another, through direct contact, and can take place in solids, liquids and gases.

How conduction is reduced

To reduce heat transfer by conduction, Mineral Wool has a very small amount of solid material in relation to void. Additionally, the solid material consists of thin connecting walls, or discontinuous fibres.



Convection occurs in gases and liquids. If a hot surface is in contact with cooler air, heat is conducted to the air. This air then becomes warmer and therefore less dense than the adjacent cooler air. The warmer, lighter air rises upwards and is replaced by cooler air, causing a continuous flow of air by natural convection – gradually removing heat from the hot surface to the air. The process is reversed if warm air comes into contact with a cold surface.

How convection is reduced

To reduce heat transfer by convection, Mineral Wool contains small voids and air pockets within which air movement is minimised.



Radiation is the transmission of infra-red radiant energy from a ‘hot’ surface to a ‘cold’ surface through air or a vacuum. Radiant energy moves through space without heating anything in between – the energy is only absorbed when its path is blocked by an object which absorbs the energy and converts it to heat.

How radiation is reduced

The transmission of heat by radiation is stopped when it is absorbed into the surface of a material such as
Mineral Wool, which results in a rise in temperature of the material. However that material will in turn emit radiant energy. For higher levels of resistance to radiated heat loss, “low emissivity” surfaces (e.g. metallic foil faced finish) can be added to our products.

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