Millennium Dome (O2 Arena)

Millennium Dome (O2 Arena)


Contractors Guaranteed Asphalt (GA) faced a unique conundrum regarding the insulation of the roof of the O2 Arena, the centre piece on the site of the former Millennium Dome and the first purpose-built music venue in London since The Royal Albert Hall in 1871.

As the area required superior acoustic properties, a rock mineral wool product was the obvious solution, however the split level roof form of the construction meant that loose mineral wool fibres were visible in the surrounding airspace. This is where Knauf Insulation’s technical expertise became invaluable! Knauf Insulation was able to specify a bespoke white-tissue-faced Krimpact product which entrapped the loose fibres.


Knauf Insulation supplied over 100 tonnes of their Rocksilk® Flat Roof Slab Extra at 150mm (2x75mm), a consistent, high density rock slab with superior impact and compression resistance. This material is designed to offer not only the acoustic performance required by such a venue, but also good thermal resistance and an excellent fire rating classification (Euroclass A1 non-combustible, the highest level possible). The white-tissue-faced product was suitable to be exposed to the elements, and later sprayed with a grey solar reflective paint to seal the surface and enable the product to camouflage into its environment.

To make the project even more complicated, the cranes used in the production did not fit under the existing structure of the Dome which meant that the roof had to be constructed at ground level and lifted into its final position. This was no problem for Knauf Insulation thanks to its innovative Supakube delivery system, which meant the product could be delivered to the correct area of the project with minimum effort. Supakube uses advanced compression technology and strong packaging materials, which ensures the product is not only easy to store but can be delivered more efficiently saving time and reducing carbon emissions from delivery vehicles as more product can be loaded onto each lorry.


Client Meridian Delta Ltd
MAIN CONTRACTOR: Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd