Knauf Insulation becomes a hive of activity

By Knauf Insulation UK & Ireland
October 25, 2022

In partnership with Thatto Heath beekeeper Brian Seddon, and environmental conservation organisation 'Friends of Thatto Heath (FOTH) Beekeepers', we have successfully trialled a working beehive and supplementary smaller beehives called nuclear colonies at Ravenhead Dam, situated on the premises of our St Helens manufacturing plant.

The trial, which began in Autumn 2021, was carried out to see if a working beehive could thrive in an industrial setting. Our Ravenhead Dam was the ideal location due to it offering access to wildflower forage and water for the honeybees. . 

Commenting on the success of the honeybees so far, Thatto Heath beekeeper Brian Seddon, said, “This unassuming waterside location proved an ideal setting for our region’s bees. By mid-summer of 2022, the Knauf Insulation honeybee trial had surpassed its initial expectations, with two strong beehives and a rapidly growing nuclear colony.  

“Ravenhead Dam is now home to over 100,000 honeybees pollinating wildflowers and fruit trees all over the region. The bees produced 60 jars of spring and summer honeys as well as comb honey, 2kg of beeswax and 10 bottles of mead”. 

Going forward, with support from Brian, the plan is to establish a working apiary onsite and to further improve the wildlife habitat around the Ravenhead Dam.