Knauf Insulation launches first online condensation risk tool

By Knauf Insulation UK & Ireland
January 08, 2024

Knauf Insulation has launched the industry’s first online condensation risk analysis tool. It will save architects and specifiers time by enabling them to evaluate the risk of interstitial condensation and generate U-value calculations in less than five minutes.

“Interstitial condensation can result in rot or corrosion within the structure,” explained Bradley Hirst, Technical Services Manager at Knauf Insulation. “So calculations evaluating this risk give architects and specifiers peace of mind that their design will not cause unintended damage to the building’s fabric.” 

“The problem is they take time. We know architects and specifiers often do multiple U-value calculations for housing developments, but if they wanted to assess the risk of condensation, they needed to contact our technical team or enter the same data into previously downloaded third-party software. Then if they change the U-value they have to start the whole process again.”  

“By integrating a free condensation risk analysis calculator into our online U-value calculator, we have reduced a process that could take up to 24 hours to just a few minutes.” 

The condensation risk analysis tool is quick and easy to use. First, users need to generate the U-value by choosing from a range of typical build-ups and tweaking the data using drop-down menus to match their exact specification. They then have the option to analyse the risk of condensation. 

Opening this function pre-populates the tool with the build-up and U-value data. Users then need to enter the postcode for the building location, which automatically identifies the country and the nearest available region for climatic data. Next, they select the property type from the dropdown menu. Once the risk of condensation has been calculated, users can view the boundary conditions (data used) and download the calculation, including the temperature data and dewpoint graphs. 

When they close the tool, the condensation risk is automatically displayed alongside the U-value. If they then alter the build-up information within the U-value calculator, the risk of condensation will automatically be updated without needing to go back into the tool.  

All calculations are performed in line with BS EN ISO13788 and follow the guidance in BS 5250: 2021 Code of Practice for the Management of Moisture in Buildings. 

To try Knauf Insulation’s free online condensation risk analysis calculator and see how much time you could save, visit For technical support call 01744 766 666 or email [email protected]