Knauf Insulation’s KinetiK® app named Product of the Year at the Housebuilder Awards

By Knauf Insulation UK & Ireland
November 16, 2022

KinetiK®, an app-based site reporting system developed by Knauf Insulation to provide specification assurance for housebuilders who choose Supafil® Blowing Wool, has been crowned Product of the Year at the Housebuilder Awards.  

The award recognises the product that best supports housebuilders in overcoming the challenge of new regulations, improving build quality, and delivering cost and time savings. 

James Hulbert, Head of Housing at Knauf Insulation said: “Changing legislation is bringing greater scrutiny and accountability to product specification and use across the supply chain. So, we have developed KinetiK® to help make specification verification easier for our housebuilder customers.” 

“It works by creating an instant digital record of the specific Supafil® products installed on each plot. This data enhances the existing feedback loop between Housebuilders, Approved Supafil® Installers and Knauf Insulation. That in turn enables us to provide targeted support to help our partner housebuilders maintain the highest quality standards.” 

KinetiK® was launched in 2021 and is now being used on construction sites across the UK. As well as supporting housebuilders, it streamlines record-keeping for installers, making the administration of plot handovers, rebates and guarantees more efficient. 

Longer term, KinetiK® will create deeper data-led collaboration between Knauf Insulation and its housebuilder customers, which will enable the development of new services using on-site insights to further enhance quality. 

The award win at the Housebuilder Awards is not the first time the company has been recognised for its innovation. It won Best Site Product at the Housebuilder Product Awards for KinetiK® in 2022 and for its Supafil® range in 2021.  

For further information about Knauf Insulation’s services for housebuilders, including KinetiK®, visit the Housebuilders Hub