New tools to simplify sound insulation

By Knauf Insulation UK & Ireland
June 24, 2020

Should you be thinking about acoustic performance on all your projects? With more people than ever working from home and Building Regulations getting stricter, your customers certainly will be.

We know there’s some confusion about insulation and noise reduction – when it matters, what your obligations are and which products to use where. That’s why we’ve launched new materials to help you.

You can now use our handy Noise Reduction Insulation Product Finder tool, which gives advice on regulations and product recommendations for roofs, walls and floors in new-build and refurbishment projects in England and Wales. Simply select details of your project, including the location, application and build-up, and the tool will tell you which regulations apply and the best product to use.

You can also download our new leaflet Noise Reducing Insulation – What you need to know, which gives you the facts about using insulation to reduce noise. It’s available to download here.

For further information on acoustic performance, please visit our dedicated web page, or read our blog A Beginner's Guide to Insulation - Acoustics.