Storing Mineral Wool insulation to protect it from the elements

By Knauf Insulation UK & Ireland
November 09, 2020

Our Technical Support Team is often asked whether Mineral Wool insulation can be safely stored outside in-branch or on-site.

The good news is that, thanks to our three-part packaging system, the answer is often yes.

While it’s always preferable for products to be stored under cover, they can be stored outdoors if they are kept in the original wrapped pallets – or ‘Supakubes’. This is because our products on these wrapped pallets are protected by three layers of packaging, each of which serves an important function:

When storing outdoors, it’s always best to keep products on the original pallet, protected by the waterproof hood wrap. This also makes them easier to transport in bulk.

Once pallets are opened, we recommend keeping products indoors.

By following this simple guidance, you can ensure that your Mineral Wool will perform as designed when it is correctly installed.

You can find further information about the handling and storage of Knauf Insulation Glass and Rock Mineral Wool products on our product datasheets.

Download our guide on how to store our insulation here