UK homes enjoy 30 years of savings thanks to Knauf Insulation’s Supafil® Glass Mineral Blowing Wool

By Knauf Insulation UK & Ireland
October 29, 2018

Knauf Insulation is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the launch of Supafil®, its industry-changing Glass Mineral Blowing Wool insulation solution, which has transformed the energy performance of millions of UK homes.

In the last 10 years alone, Supafil® has been used to enhance the energy efficiency of 2.5 million British properties, equating to nearly 10% of the UK’s 27.2m households.

Once cavity wall insulation such as Supafil® is installed, residents of a three-bedroom home will see their energy bills reduce by around 13%, and carbon emissions by 670kg per year*. This means residents who installed Supafil® 30 years ago will have saved £4,500 on their energy bills and reduced their carbon emissions by 20 tonnes.

When Knauf Insulation first launched its Supafil® 40 Glass Mineral Blowing Wool insulation in the UK, it revolutionised the industry thanks to new production and installation methods which delivered improved thermal performance. Today, the Supafil® range has broadened to meet customer demand for a variety of applications including cavity wall, timber frame and lofts.

Knauf Insulation’s most recent innovations include the development of a Supafil® Frame Blowing Wool System, which allows insulation to be installed into off-site construction components while on the production line. This has reduced manufacturing time, enhanced quality by ensuring there are no gaps in the insulation and cut costs.

Graham Mortin, Product Development Manager at Knauf Insulation said: “Thirty years ago, we launched Supafil® to respond to the market demand for insulation and to provide lower U-values – and it took the industry by storm.

Today, we continue to put our customers’ needs at the heart of our product development programme. As a result, Supafil® continues to be a game changer as we have expanded the range to fulfil a variety of applications and markets.”

Supafil® is non-combustible and has the best possible A1 Reaction to Fire classification. It also offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance and is manufactured with up to 80% recycled content. Thanks to Knauf Insulation’s advanced compression packaging, less packaging is used, storage requirements are reduced, and more product can be loaded on to each truck. This means there are fewer lorries on the roads which, in turn, cuts transport-related carbon emissions.

For information about Supafil® Glass Mineral Blowing Wool insulation visit or for advice and support, call the Technical Support Team on 01744 766 666.

* Calculations based on figures from the Energy Savings Trust and UK Power.