Village hall gets insulation grant boost

By Knauf Insulation UK & Ireland
March 05, 2017

The construction of a village hall in Oxfordshire has been given a big boost with news that a grant is to be awarded to pay for insulation.

Shuttford Village Hall is set to be completed in June and the grant of £5,000 has come from the Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment (TOE2) and Grundon Waste Management, with the money coming via the Landfill Communities Fund, the Banbury Guardian reports.

Chair of TOE2 Karen Woolley said: "It is inspiring to see a community making a difference to their local area and raising the necessary funds to build the new village hall. 

"We are delighted to provide a grant for insulating the new hall, increasing its energy efficiency and making it a more pleasant environment for users."

Funds to build the hall were raised by villagers and work began in September last year, with the structure of the building being put in place over the winter. 

Additional funds have come from Oxfordshire Community Foundation, Garfield Weston, HDH Wills, St Michael’s and All Saints’ Charities, The A.H. Lynall Foundation, Sandford Trust and The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation, while villagers are again weighing in with their own labours to ensure the hall is completed. 

The need for insulation to make sure any village hall remains suitable for usage throughout the year is one that has influenced a number of construction and renovation projects. 

Other examples include that of Redford Village Hall in West Sussex, reported in the Midhurst and Petworth Observer last month.

The hall had originally been built in 1959 and over half a century of use had left it outdated and in need of a revamp.

New insulation was fitted alongside other measures such as double glazing and a new roof following three years of local fundraising efforts and the awarding of grants by several local charities.