Approved Document L – What does it mean for you?

By Knauf Insulation UK & Ireland
June 20, 2022

Approved Document L of the Building Regulations relates to the conservation of fuel and power, meaning that it looks at how all your materials contribute to the overall efficiency of a building.

The Government have made some changes to the regulation which will aim to lower the operational carbon emissions of new homes, raise fabric efficiency standards, and introduce a new level of quality control.

From June 15th, all new homes must produce 31% less CO2 emissions compared to the current regulations. This means that all new build houses must comply with increased the energy performance standards. However, a grace period will take effect for one year until 15th June 2023. This means that if you have applied for planning permission, a building notice, or an initial notice before June 15th 2022, your project will be evaluated against the previous regulations.

You might be wondering how this will affect your upcoming projects, and we can help.

You have two routes to compliance using Knauf Insulation’s non-combustible insulation, an interim design for interim standards or long-term increased performance to futureproof your homes.

You will be able to slightly improve the insulation performance on your sites through minor upgrades to wall and loft insulation. However, this means that in 2025 when the Future Homes Standard comes into place, these properties will be outdated.

During this period of change it is important to have an open supply chain and have less reliance on high-embodied carbon products. By ensuring you are using high performance insulation that is low in embodied carbon, you will deliver high quality homes for now and for the future.

We know that every build is different, so our job is to find the solution that works for you. Our Glass Mineral Wool insulation products deliver tried and trusted thermal performance, with the added benefits of low-embodied carbon and non-combustibility.

Whether you are a national or local housebuilder, we have a range of technical support services such as whole house compliance recipes and psi-value calculations that will help you meet the Building Regulations in 2022 and beyond.

Our dedicated Housebuilder Hub contains all the information you will need to ensure compliance for all your future developments, access it here.