Glass Mineral Wool - Earthwool Loft Roll 44


Pitched roofs at ceiling level


Glass Mineral Wool


Earthwool Loft Rolls are non-combustible, Glass Mineral Wool rolls, manufactured using our revolutionary ECOSE® Technology, and are designed specifically for use in cold lofts where pitched roofs are insulated at ceiling level.

Combi-cut products have partially cut perforations, providing the flexibility to be used between joists at either 400mm or 600mm centres,or used unsplit as a full-width roll.

Ready-cut products are fully cut, and are designed to be used between joists at 600mm centres.

Earthwool Loft Roll 44 has a thermal conductivity of 0.044 W/mK.


  • Excellent thermal performance.
  • Non-combustible A1 Euroclass Reaction to Fire classification
  • Lightweight quilt for ease of installation
  • Available as partially cut rolls for use with
    • timber joists at 400mm centres or,
    • timber joists at 600mm centres or,
    • unsplit as a full width roll.
  • Partially cut, shorter length rolls
  • Ready cut rolls for use between joists at 600mm centres



Thickness (mm)Roll TypeThermal Conductivity (W/mK)R-Value (M²K/W)Euroclass Reaction to Fire ClassificationLength (mm)Width (mm)Area per roll (m²)Quantity Per PackArea Per Pack (M²)Packs Per PalletArea Per Pallet (m²)Facing
100Combi-cut0.0442.25A1121801140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)13.89113.8924333.36Unfaced
100Ready-cut0.0442.25A1121801140 (2 x 570mm)13.89113.8924333.36Unfaced
100Combi-cut Shorter length0.0442.25A172801140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)8.3018.3040332.00Unfaced
150Combi-cut Shorter length0.0443.40A149001140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)5.5915.5940223.60Unfaced
150Combi-cut0.0443.40A180501140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)9.1819.1824220.32Unfaced
150Ready-cut0.0443.40A180501140 (2 x 570mm)9.1819.1824220.32Unfaced
170Combi-cut Shorter length0.0443.85A143001140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)4.9014.9040196.00Unfaced
170Combi-cut0.0443.85A170301140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)8.0118.0124192.24Unfaced
200Combi-cut Shorter length0.0444.50A134001140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)3.8813.8840155.20Unfaced
200Combi-cut0.0444.50A152001140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)5.9315.9324142.32Unfaced


Eurofins Gold
A1 Euroclass Fire Rating
Green Guide Rating A+
CE Marking
Bureau Veritas

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