Omnifit Multi-Application Insulation

Omnifit is a range of non-combustible glass mineral wool insulation manufactured using our revolutionary ECOSE® Technology.

Designed for use in multiple applications, our OmniFit range is available in roll, slab and stud form to provide the ultimate flexibility across a range of projects. Providing excellent fire, thermal and acoustic performance, OmniFit is also softer to the touch and easier to handle than mineral wool using traditional binders.

Product Range

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OmniFit Roll

Combi-cut rolls provide the flexibility to be used between either 400mm or 600mm joists and metal or timber studwork.

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OmniFit Slab

Slabs are available in either 400mm or 600mm widths to suit use between metal or timber studs at standard centres.

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OmniFit Stud

Rolls are 1200mm wide and can be cut to size to suit studs and rafters of varying centre dimensions.  

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