Glass Mineral Wool - Knauf Insulation Loft Roll 44

Knauf Insulation Loft Roll 44


Pitched roofs at ceiling level


Glass Mineral Wool


Knauf Insulation Loft Roll 44 is a Glass Mineral Wool roll, designed for use in cold lofts where pitched roofs are insulated at ceiling level, that offers good thermal performance in the range.

It is non-combustible insulation with the best possible Euroclass A1 reaction to fire classification, and is manufactured using Knauf Insulation's unique bio-based binder, ECOSE® Technology.

Knauf Insulation Loft Roll 44 is available in the following formats:

  • Combi-cut rolls
  • Ready-cut rolls
  • Uncut rolls
  • Short length, combi-cut rolls


  • Compression packed and lightweight for easy handling and moving around a site.
  • Combi-cut products are supplied partially perforated, providing the flexibility to be used between joists or used uncut as a full-width roll, maximising on-site efficiency.
  • Ready-cut products are supplied cut to size to maximise on-site efficiency.
  • Uncut products provide the flexibility to be cut to size to fit between joists or can be left in full width rolls for quick install.
  • Manufactured in long lengths to allow quick and simple installation maximising on-site efficiency. (Combi-cut, ready-cut and uncut rolls)
  • Manufactured in short lengths to provide a cost effective option in a smaller pack size. (Short length, combi-cut rolls)



Thickness (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)R-Value (M²K/W)Area per Roll (m²)Euroclass Reaction to Fire ClassificationRoll TypeFacingArea Per Pack (M²)
100121801140 (2 x 570mm)0.0442.2513.890A1Ready-cutUnfaced
100121801140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)0.0442.2713.890A1Combi-cutUnfaced
10097251140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)0.0442.258.300A1Combi-cut Shorter lengthUnfaced11.087
15064501140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)0.0443.405.590A1Combi-cut Shorter lengthUnfaced7.353
15080501140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)0.0443.419.180A1Combi-cutUnfaced
15080501140 (2 x 570mm)0.0443.409.180A1Ready-cutUnfaced
17057001140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)0.0443.854.900A1Combi-cut Shorter lengthUnfaced6.498
17070301140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)0.0443.868.320A1Combi-cutUnfaced
20048251140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)0.0444.503.880A1Combi-cut Shorter lengthUnfaced5.529
20060001140 (2 x 570mm/3 x 380mm)0.0444.556.840A1Combi-cutUnfaced

Certification & Memberships

Eurofins Gold
Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire Classification
Green Guide Rating A+
CE Marking
Red List Free
EN 15804
Made in Britain
Energy Saving Trust Endorsed Product

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