Real Performance

Trafford housing estate

Real Performance

Knauf Insulation has long championed real performance – the idea that insulation must perform in the real world, not merely according to notional calculations.

Any insulation material that doesn’t deliver ‘as-built’ thermal performance is failing in its primary purpose, and therefore presents an unnecessary risk as the construction industry seeks to close the performance gap.

What is the issue?

There is a significant gap between the energy performance of buildings ‘as-designed’, and how they perform in the real world, because of discrepancies in quality workmanship or materials used versus specified.

This performance gap must be closed if the UK is to meet its carbon obligations as the climate crisis doesn’t respond to notional U-values.

The government recognises this and is enacting legislation to transition housebuilding from a theoretical performance model to actual measurement.

Housebuilders, architects, and specifiers need to act now to prepare for this change.

How Mineral Wool can help

  • Mineral Wool insulation’s ‘buildability’ means it is possible to install as specified.

  • It is deliberately engineered to adapt to minor imperfections in the substrate, and any settlement/movement over time, so it maintains close contact and preserves thermal performance for the life of the building.

  • When individual rolls or slabs are butted together, the Mineral Wool strands knit together to eliminate air gaps (contrast with the precise taping of joints required for rigid insulation boards).

  • Because it relies on trapped air for insulation, its performance does not degrade over time in the same way as rigid foam boards do. 

  • Provided a minimum density is achieved, Mineral Wool insulation offers consistent thermal performance, with only slight deterioration when ‘overfilling’ takes place.

Download our infographic on 'Maximising Thermal Performance in Housebuilding' 

Case Studies

Trafford housing estate

28 Existing 1970's Homes in Trafford

Wall and loft insulation replacement, underpinned by measured real performance data. 31% average fabric efficiency improvement per home with one home experiencing a 51% improvement

Average project score: 4.25 / 5

Eccles Residential

12 New Build Homes (2014) in Eccles

Smart retrofits to fully-fill cavity wall insulation and install Knauf Insulation loft system, underpinned by measured real performance data. 17% average fabric efficiency improvement per home 

Average project score: 4.75 / 5

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