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Technical Support Team

Our Technical Support Team

We offer unparalleled expert advice on all our products and solutions through our in-house Technical Support Team (TST).

With over 20 years insulation experience, our TST provide free, expert advice to construction professionals through phone and email.

You can contact the TST on 01744 766666 or by completing the contact form here.

Our TST help desk is staffed from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00am - 4.00pm Friday by experienced insulation experts, ready to provide advice on regulations, products and energy performance.

U-value Calculations

As well as technical advice, our TST team can provide U-value calculations, condensation risk analysis, NBS clauses, 3D Heat Loss Calculations and CAD files for your project. Just call 01744 766666. Alternatively, you can complete our Technical Support contact form. We will normally respond to emails within 24 hours.

For written U-value calculations, please send details of your full through construction build-up through the form below and we will respond accordingly to meet your requirements.

U-value calculations can also be obtained using our U-value Calculator which allows you to quickly calculate the thermal performance of walls, roofs and floors, as well as conduct an online condensation risk analysis.

Numerical modelling calculation service

Our Technical Support Team have the ability to provide 3D finite element heat loss calculations to fully comply with Building Regulations Part L. For more information, look at our housebuilder hub. By analysing the heat flows through external wall construction elements (such as rainscreen cladding systems) TST can provide robust supporting evidence for U-value calculations. Additionally, we can also provide 2D heat loss calculations associated with non-repeating thermal bridges, such as those that occur at the junctions between elements and around the perimeter of window and door openings.

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