CPD: Sound insulation principles for better building acoustics

Sound Wave
Sound insulation principles for better building acoustics: Science, standards, solutions

Noise pollution costs Europe £24Bn every year in lost productivity, health costs and impaired learning.

That’s why acoustic design of buildings is becoming increasingly important. Approved Document E and other guidance specifies minimum levels of sound insulation performance for building elements.

This CPD will give attendees a greater appreciation of the science of sound transfer, an overview of various standards and sound insulation test methods, and a range of solutions to improve the sound insulation performance of their buildings.


Topics covered:

  • The science of how sound travels
  • The variety of sound pressures on a building
  • Standards and regulations which apply to sound insulation
  • How sound insulation is measured
  • Various solutions to improve sound insulation performance
  • How sound absorbent mineral wool contributes towards high levels of sound insulation


This CPD aims to provide specifiers with sufficient knowledge of sound transfer and a variety of methods to improve sound insulation to inform material specification decisions.

It demonstrates how sound absorbent mineral wool can play a critical role as part of an effective strategy to improve sound insulation performance of roofs, walls and floors.

Sound insulation in action:

Unity Square, Liverpool
Case Study
Unity Square, Liverpool
Birmingham Control Tower
Case Study
Birmingham Control Tower
Musker Street
Case Study
The Gables, Musker Street