CPD: Lightweight Green Roof Systems Design considerations and innovative solutions

Lightweight Green Roof Systems

CPD: Lightweight Green Roof Systems
Design considerations and innovative solutions

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This CPD includes the following topics:

  • An overview of the various types of green roof
  • Design considerations for effective green roof systems
  • Common problems associated with traditional green roof systems
  • Innovative solutions to overcome common pitfalls

Green roofs go beyond the meaning of contemporary architecture and give a new value to the role of buildings within urban planning. They are designed not only to bring back the natural element in the urban environment but also to provide solutions for important issues such as stormwater management.

This CPD explains the core issues surrounding the design of green roofs and outlines design considerations which contribute to an effective and successful design. 

Aims of the CPD:

For building designers this CPD module aims to raise awareness of common problems associated with traditional green roof systems, and introduces Urbanscape by Knauf Insulation, a new lightweight green roof system with super high water retention capacity, designed to overcome those problems in order to help deliver high performing and effective green roofs.

The CPD also introduces the Urbanscape Performance Evaluation Tool (PET), a specially designed software package which allows us to calculate the performance of green roofs in hundreds of cities around the globe. The software is the first of its kind and allows urban planners, architects and designers to accurately predict the real performance of a green roof in detailed numeric and graphic data reports based on exact climate condition data in specific towns and cities. The PET tool helps to demonstrate the benefits which green roofs offer, energy savings they provide, and illustrate the overall environmental impact of buildings in highly populated urban areas which are facing several ecological and environmental issues.

RIBA 2018 Core Curriculum areas:

Architecture for social purpose

  • Ethics of architecture, construction and business management
  • Developing ethical, social and environmental awareness

Sustainable architecture

  • Client briefing and management
  • KPI’s and which ones should be used and comfort indices such as IAQ, CO2 levels, temperature.
  • Knowledge of low carbon skills and energy literacy
  • The effects of location, shelter and shading on thermal performance and allied issues such as moisture

Inclusive environments

  • Understanding of planning and placemaking
  • Creation of green spaces in proximity to where people live

Places, planning and communities

  • Environmental issues
  • Environmental performance – places and buildings

Places, planning and communities

  • Issues relating to climate change
  • Avoiding urban heat islands: very low energy buildings, electric vehicles, urban vegetation, avoiding continuous street canyons, use of vegetation canopies
  • Flooding and flood prevention measures: sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS), public-realm planting, streets trees, permeable surfaces
  • Climate change minimization, adaptation and mitigation – including green and blue infrastructure

Building conservation and heritage

  • Understanding of materials
  • Traditional and modern [materials]

Design, construction and technology

  • Understanding of specification of materials
  • Technical innovations in materials
  • Alternative structural, construction and material systems

Learning outcomes:

  • An understanding of extensive and intensive green roofs
  • An understanding of relevant design considerations for effective green roofs
  • An understanding of the common problems associated with traditional green roofs
  • An appreciation of how Urbanscape by Knauf Insulation can help specifiers to overcome common problem areas
  • An appreciation of how the Urbanscape Performance Evaluation Tool (PET) can help to predict green roof performance
  • How material choice can play a crucial role in an effective green roof performance

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