CPD: Non-combustible Insulation Solutions for Rainscreen Façade Systems

Non-combustible Insulation Solutions for Rainscreen Façade Systems CPD
Non-combustible Insulation Solutions for Rainscreen Façade Systems

This CPD includes the following topics:

  • Fire regulations related to Rainscreen Façade systems
  • Considerations for buildings over 18m in height
  • Your options as a designer to achieve compliance and minimise risk
  • Why U-value calculations for Rainscreen Façade systems are different to those for other systems and how to avoid calculation errors
  • Through wall insulation solutions to provide thermal, fire and acoustic performance

Aims of this CPD:

This CPD explains the core issues surrounding and affecting rainscreen systems, whilst also comparing the suitability of insulation materials and how the choice of insulation affects the design of the system as well as thermal, fire and acoustic performance.

For building designers this CPD module explains the principles of rainscreen systems and the regulations that apply to them, with a particular focus on fire. It will also help to make you aware of the different types of insulation and their performance characteristics and understand the importance of fire resistance in rainscreen systems.

RIBA 2019 Core Curriculum areas:

Learning outcomes:

  • An understanding of fire regulations associated with Rainscreen Façade Systems
  • An understanding of issues associated with buildings over 18m in height
  • An understanding of how U-values are calculated for Rainscreen Façade Systems and an understanding of how to identify calculations with potential errors
  • An appreciation of the differences between Reaction to Fire and Fire Resistance, and an understanding of the subsequent impacts on material specification and building design
  • How material choice can play a crucial role in an effective fire safety strategy