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Whether you’re improving the insulation in a loft or installing insulation across a full site, it’s important that the product you use works for you. As the UK’s only manufacturer of Glass and Rock Mineral Wool, we’ve got a solution for all of your needs.

Our Mineral Wool insulation solutions provide a unique combination of benefits; they offer thermal and acoustic performance whilst also being non-combustible allowing you peace of mind for your install.

Our Installer Hub gives you all the information you need to start using Knauf Insulation with confidence on your next project.

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New Build Installations

Our Mineral Wool insulation solutions not only help you create building environments that are comfortable and safe for your customers to live in, but also help reduce energy usage and therefore costs. They also come with very good green credentials which make them a great option for your next project.

We know that regardless of how our insulation performs in theory, its performance when installed can be hugely impacted by the quality of install. The good news is that if our products are installed correctly, the insulation will last for the building’s lifetime.

Our Mineral Wool also provides a combination of thermal, fire safety and acoustic performance.

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Retrofit Installations

Installing insulation retrospectively can come with additional complexity compared to installing in a new build. We always recommend assessing the house to ensure the right retrofit is carried out, whilst being in line with PAS 2035, which provides a specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings.

Planning effectively for a retrofit installation is key, including:

  • Conducting a condensation risk analysis

  • Choosing the right product for your project

  • Assessing junctions prior to beginning work on the installation

Our recommendation for retrofit installations is to ensure you are as accurate with the install as possible, and that the job is completed with due care.

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Rainscreen Installations

Rainscreen insulation is an extremely efficient solution for a range of building types including hospitals, hotels, and apartment blocks. Rainscreen insulation needs to provide thermal, fire safety and acoustic benefits to the habitants.

Our Rocksilk® RainScreen Slabs are non-combustible with the best Euroclass A1 reaction to fire rating. The non-combustibility of the insulation makes it suitable for use on buildings of any height including new build, refurbishment and remediation works.

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Drylining/Acoustic Installations

Adding Mineral Wool insulation to an internal wall, partition, or ceiling before starting the drylining process helps to add a level of sound absorption, if the correct product is used. Using a specific acoustic product at a suitable density, such as Acoustic Roll, will ensure that there is the right level of noise reduction to comply with acoustic Building Regulations.

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Knauf Insulation Loft Roll Installation
Knauf Insulation Acoustic Roll Installation
Rocksilk® Rainscreen Slab Installation

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Knauf Insulation ECOSE Technology

Insulation Applications


ECOSE® Technology is our unique bio-based binder which is used in the manufacture of all our glass mineral wool products, and the majority of our rock mineral wool products.

Our Mineral Wool made with ECOSE® Technology contains no added formaldehyde or phenol. This means our insulation generates very low levels of dust, increasing the comfort of those handling it. ECOSE® Technology makes our insulation soft to touch and easy to handle.

It is made from natural raw materials that are rapidly renewable and is less energy-intensive to manufacture than traditional binders.




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