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The best keeps getting better

From improved packaging to an upgrade of our compression technology, the latest changes we’ve made are designed to make our market-leading, non-combustible products even better.

Better for you, because it’s easier to choose, use, store and handle your insulation. And better for the world, because together, we are reducing our carbon footprint even further.

Better for you, better for the world


A smaller carbon footprint

Our improved compression technology means fewer vehicles on the roads and less plastic packaging per m2 of our insulation, but we haven’t stopped there.

We’ve also cut down on the ink in our packaging designs, and we are introducing a new film with a minimum of 30% recycle plastic content, which means the plastic we do use is even easier to recycle.

  • Less vehicles on the roads
  • Less plastic packaging
  • Less ink


Introducing Rocksilk®

We’ve launched Rocksilk®; a new brand with a fresh look for our Rock Mineral Wool solutions.

Our wide range of Rock Mineral Wool products can be used in a variety of applications across both residential and commercial buildings as a suitable alternative to Glass Mineral Wool and other insulants.

  • Non-combustible insulation
  • Made with ECOSE® Technology
  • Thermal, Fire and Acoustic Performance

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For A Better World

At Knauf Insulation we have always been defined by sustainability. Our products save energy, cut emissions and are designed to make sure buildings are good for the environment and keep people healthy, safe and well.

  • Our Glass Mineral Wool insulation solutions contain up to 80% of recycled content
  • Our unique bio-based binder ECOSE® Technology is 70% less energy-intensive than traditional binders and has also been awarded Eurofins ‘Indoor Air Comfort’ Gold
  • Our Glass Mineral Wool products are the UK’s first insulation range to be awarded DECLARE 'Red List Free'

With Knauf Insulation, you always get more

  • The right product for your application: From the only UK manufacturer of both Glass and Rock Mineral Wool insulation.
  • Low embodied carbon: An ongoing commitment to product sustainability, which includes products made from recycled glass collected from our local communities.
  • Non-combustible insulation: Our products achieve the highest possible Euroclass A1 or A2-s1,d0 reaction to fire classification.
  • Comprehensive technical support: We provide on-site and online training & resources, plus free, detailed U-value calculations.
  • Reassurance and compliance: Extensive third-party accreditations Including ISO standards, BBA certification, CE/CA Marking, Robust Details, EPDs, LCAs