Use mineral wool insulation for a healthy, comfortable environment
Why Use Insulation?

Insulation has many benefits; firstly it plays a huge part in keeping a consistent temperature in a building all year round, keeping out the heat in summer and protecting against the cold in winter. A well-insulated building will require far less heating or cooling and therefore will be more energy-efficient, making it more comfortable and saving money at the same time.

How it works

Heat always moves from areas of high temperature to those at a lower temperature, which is why, in the cold external temperatures of winter, the warmth inside a building will try to escape through walls, windows, roof and floor. However, this also happens in summer when hot air from outside will try to pass into a building, resulting in a warmer internal environment.

Mineral Wool insulation is a poor conductor of heat, meaning that warm or cold air won’t transfer through the material resulting in a consistent temperature inside the building. It does this thanks to its interwoven structure; the inside of the material is made of millions of small air pockets that catch any heat or cold trying to pass through, making it one of the most efficient materials to insulate any property.

In addition to its thermal benefits, mineral wool insulation plays a major role when it comes to fire safety as well as it is also very effective in reducing noise pollution. Different insulation materials will provide different thermal, fire safety and acoustic performance levels.

How does Insulation benefit your home

What are the benefits of using Mineral Wool insulation?


Not all insulation offers the same performance

There are many types of insulation; Mineral Wool (Glass and Rock), PIR, PUR , XPS and EPS. Each material has its own benefits that will suit users based on their project. Because of its nature, mineral wool insulation provides the best combination of thermal, fire safety and acoustic performance. It is also easier to install as the fibrous structure of the material fills the space; meaning that any imperfections in installation are negated and therefore give a better real performance.

And let’s not forget that mineral wool insulation is made from natural and recycled material; mostly recycled glass for Glass Mineral Wool and volcanic rock and an increasing proportion of recycled material from slag, a waste product from blast furnaces, for Rock Mineral Wool.

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