Ecose Binder Tower
Highly Sustainable Binder Technology With proven performance

ECOSE® Technology is our revolutionary sustainable bio-based binder used in the manufacture of all of our Glass Mineral Wool products, and the majority of our Rock Mineral Wool products. Invented nearly 10 years ago, it is not only unique, but very much central to our sustainability strategy. 



The best choice - 5 Key benefits 

A NATURAL BINDER: ECOSE® Technology contains no added phenol or formaldehyde. Natural raw materials replace the chemicals used in traditional binders.

LOWER EMBODIED ENERGY: Products manufactured using ECOSE® Technology are 70% less energy-intensive when compared to mineral wool products made using traditional formaldehyde-based binders, reducing the ecological footprint.

PROVEN DURABILITY: The exceptional strength of our bio-based binder makes products manufactured with ECOSE® Technology highly durable. 

OPTIMUM INDOOR AIR COMFORT: Based on natural raw materials, products manufactured with ECOSE® Technology have the best possible Eurofins Gold Certificate for Indoor Air Comfort, contributing to a high level of indoor air quality.

EASY HANDLING: Softer texture to the touch and easier to handle compared to products made with chemical-based binder.



How do you know it’s manufactured using ECOSE Technology?

  • Products manufactured using ECOSE® Technology have a natural brown colour so you can see, as well as feel the difference.

  • All our CURED Glass Mineral Wool and most of our Rock Mineral Wool insulation solutions are made using ECOSE® Technology.

Collection of packaged insulation products shown in front of an end roll split into two colours - brown and yellow, to show ECOSE vs other
ECOSE® Technology
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