Always Striving To Reduce Our Impact On The Environment

We care for the people who make our products, the people who use them and the world we all depend on

Whilst we are dedicated to supplying sustainable high performance insulation solutions for enhanced energy efficiency in buildings, we also continually strive for improvements in our manufacturing and supply chain operations so to improve quality and minimise our impact on the environment. All Knauf Insulation production locations have state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and meet the highest quality standards as well as they are supported by an ongoing research and development program.


As the market leader and a non-stop innovator, quality excellence and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do:

  • Quality standards: we have achieved two of the most important International Management Standards for sustainability. ISO 14001 - ISO 14006 - ISO 50001 - ISO 9001.
  • Highly sustainable binder technology: Our revolutionary sustainable bio-based binder, called ECOSE® Technology, is used to bind all our Glass Mineral Wool solutions and nearly all of our Rock Mineral Wool ones. Our ECOSE Technology® benefit from a no added formaldehyde binder, which is up to 70% less energy intensive than traditional binders and is made from rapidly renewable bio-based materials instead of petroleum-based chemicals.

    Our technology has been developed to enhance the environmental credentials of our range of products without affecting their thermal, acoustic or fire performance. Our insulation solutions made with ECOSE Technology® contain no dye or artificial colours as well as they help maintain the indoor air quality of buildings with no harmful air emissions.
  • Packaging compression: Over the years, we have developed the most advanced compression packaging technology in the industry. Our compression process is enabling us to load more products onto each truck, which means less packaging used, fewer vehicles on our roads, and reduced transport related carbon emissions.
  • Responsible sourcingWe work with our customers and suppliers to help them reduce their impact on the environment. In 2017, we achieved BES6001 Accreditation for responsible sourcing for both our Glass and Rock Mineral Wool production across all of our UK sites
  • Independent verified products’ environmental credentials (EPDs): We have had external assessments carried out on the environmental effect associated with the manufacture of our products and consequently we have Life Cycle Assessments and Environmental Product Declarations for all Glass and Rock Mineral Wool products.
  • A+ Green Guide Rating: The majority of our products, both Glass and Rock Mineral Wool fall into the A+ category of the BRE Green Guide Rating.
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